Queer Base

Are you persecuted in your country of origin or discriminated against because of your sexuality or gender identity? Queer Base helps and supports Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals, Trans*- and Inter- persons (LGBTIQ) who fled to Austria.

We are in the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa, the community centre for Lesbians, Gays and Trans* people in Vienna. The villa is a place for consultation, communication and for mutual encouragement and support for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans*people, Inter-persons and Queers.

We offer regular asylum counseling, to all issues relating to asylum and LGBTIQ*. If you require any assistance, please do contact us.  Our support includes networking with the community, organizing social matters and providing competency in legal matters.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide legal representation; however, we are in contact with lawyers in civil law, who are knowledgeable in cases regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Inter and Queer refugees. We also arrange housing for refugees / asylum seekers who are persecuted because of their sexual identity / orientation and have come to Austria.

Every Thursday at 8pm you have the opportunity to exchange ideas in an open space meeting on the first floor of our house, to network and to get to know us!

You find us at: http://dievilla.at/asyl/ and at http://queerbase.at
Email: asylum[at]queerbase.at
Phone: 00436646594171
Address: Linke Wienzeile 102; 1060 Vienna
Accessibility: U4 / 12A / 13A / 14A Pilgramgasse

This information is also available in: German Persian French Turkish Kurdish Russian Ukrainian Arabic

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