FreiRäumchen – little freespace

A regular meeting point to get in contact with people from the LGBTIQ-Community in Austria and a lot of different countries, is the so called “FreiRäumchen”/“little freespace”.

Every Thursday from 8pm on there are the community-rooms open in the first floor of the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa. The concept of the weekly FreiRäumchen is DIY (Do It Yourself) based and should initiate the exchange and contact making of LGBTIQ-People from different communities and countries. The open bar offers drinks on “pay as you wish” basis and also the library is open. In a small chilly atmosphere people communicate in different languages, listen to their favorite transnational music or dance to it.

Every Thursday from 6 – 8pm on Queer Base offers the possibility for legal advice for LGBTIQ Refugees (for this individual consult contact before: asylum[at]

And from 8 – 10pm there is also the possibility of individual consult for for Gay and Trans-people offered by Türkis Rosa Tippps

This information is also available in: GermanPersian