Before your flight!

Sexual orientation and gender identity are asylum-relevant reasons of persecution in Austria; that means if you face persecution as a lesbian, transgender or intersexual person, gay man or bisexual person, you can put that down as the reason for your asylum application.

But: you can only seek asylum on the Austrian border or in Austria. Exception: Your civil partner/wife/husband, your minor child or your parents (if you are a minor) have asylum or subsidiary protection in Autria.

Where can you apply?

At every police department (in Vienna for example PI Hernalser Gürtel 6-12, 1080 Wien) and with every police officer. As soon as you have applied, as a rule, you receive de facto deportation protection, that means until your application has been decided you can stay in Austria legally.

Unfortunately, there is no way to enter Austria legally within the asylum process. We can only support you in your asylum process and with accomodation once you have arrived (mostly illegally) in Austria. Alternatively, we can of course anwer questions about other possibilities for entering Austria in regular migration law (for example, as a university student, school student, or as a “key worker”) and support you in the process. That would make a legal entry possible within a few months, however it requires a certain amount of financial capital as well as travel documents and an approval from a university or school, or a job commitment from an employer. In the process we can consult and help you via email, even if you are abroad.

If you have question about your asylum process in Austria or the community, you are very welcome at Queer Base ( – however: we can only offer support with your asylum process when you are in Austria!

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