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Thank you!

At the end of the year, we want to give out a big THANK YOU to all who helped fund QueerBase.  There are many many individual people donating money on a regular basis or who have donated larger sums at some time.  Thank you all!

We want to also mention all the groups in solidarity, collective contexts and companies who supported our work in 2015 (in a super random order):
tastique, Clown in – internationales Clownfrauenfestival, Kupf-Kulturplattform Oberösterreich, ARGEkultur, WTF Ball 2015, Karazman Consulting & Studies, Grüne Andersrum Frauen, Grüne Andersrum, Phoenix Übersetzungen, LUSH, Vienna Roller Derby, Queer Business Women, Architekturbüro Bauer, “1000 Versunkene Boote” Ausstellung, Kibbutz Klub, Tuntathlon 2015, Gruppe Homosexualität und Glaube Wien, LMC Vienna, Europäisches Bürgerforum Komitee Schweiz, Grüne Mariahilf, Global-Print.com, Grüne Frauen, To Russia With Love Austria, GD Leopoldau Wien (evang. Pfarrgemeinde), International Queer Minorities Film Festival Vienna, WAST
THANK YOU to all! 😘😊

This information is also available in: German

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